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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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What Our Fans Say:

The Scream

"All you do is complane [sic] about things on this site, get a life people!" -Louis

"This site is gay! My site is going to beat it."-Anonymous ChickenDick [beat it in what we will never know]

"You really have emotional problems." -Gary

The basic idea behind this site is for us to have places to vent, to rant, to do whatever we want. Who are we? Why are we "blogging" together? What the hell does blog mean? While those questions aren't really of any concern to you, I'll answer a few.

We are three strangers of circumstance who happened to meet in an Internet chat room (we won't tell you where. We don't want our fans stalking us there); three people who are different enough to make it interesting but alike enough not to kill each other (yet). Through the years we got to know each other and thought it might be fun to do some kind of web project together. Hence we blog.

We really have no profound reasons. Bard suggested it, Vixen and LadyXanax liked the idea and here we are. We thought it might be interesting to see how it turned out.

So what exactly is a blog? It was taken from the term "weblog" (meaning a log on the web or of a website). And now basically means an on-line repository for a person's thoughts, ideas, problems, whatever they want. A collaborative blog is made by several people. That's what this is (duh).

How do you start your own blog? We tried a few things before we settled on one. No web experience? Try or Livejournal. If you know a little about the web and CGI you can use Greymatter or Movable Type. There is also the ever popular Slashcode

Hope you enjoy it and if you don't, you can kiss our collaborative ass. We don't write for you. We write for ourselves. However, having other people enjoy it is an added bonus.

About Bard Quack

Who am I?

"I am a loser geek,
crazy with an evil streak
yes, I do believe there is a violent thing inside of me."

Now, does that answer your question? No, you say? Hey! Don't get angry with me! Put that knife down. Stay away! Police! HELP!!

{sigh of relief} Geez, my adoring (adoring?!? What are you smoking!? -ed) public can be so fanatical sometimes. Perhaps my other answer would've been more satisfying to him?

"I am he as he are we and we are all together"

No, no, no. That is way too sappy. Definately not my style. The Beatles were cool and all, but that's just too sappy, emotional, mellow, trippy, etc. To put it bluntly, it sucked.

"I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am..."

Heh. I bet you've already filled in the missing part of that quote. Mentally, you're thinking "Darkwing Duck". Well, let me tell you -- right here, right now -- for the record, I most certainly am NOT a duck. Silly goose.

"I am woman, hear me roar!"

Ugh, disregard that. I don't know where it came from. It is absolutely not true. Shall I prove it? Yes, Virginia, sometimes I scare even myself.

"I am cow, hear me moo. I weigh twice as much as you."

Damnit, why do I keep lying? If I were a hungry heffer, how hopeful would you be? Tip me over and pour me out...

Bah, humbug. My attempts at self-definition have most certainly failed. The world may never know how truly great I am, how intellegent, how modest, etc. Unless they visit my shrine. Hurry up, mere mortals, construct my shrine!!

"I told you once you son of a bitch, I'm the best that's ever been."

Yes! Final answer, Regis. I do belive that sums it all up. Whew. I'm relived now.

And one more thing: I'd like to apologize for leaving the editor's guts strewn about. How slovenly of me. I promise I'll clean it up someday. How DARE he interrupt greatness.

Lady Xanax
Yes, I know this song isn't on Rio but she looks like a lady on Xanax, kinda
Here comes the morning light you can face.
Lie on your bed staring into space.
Watch the time slip gently by.
Don't ask why.

So many friends, but nobody calls.
Can't be alone when the darkness falls.
Got to make it to the party.
Break the ice.

Lady Xanax where were you last night all the cracks in your makeup are startingto show don't think that you realize how far away you go now look into thefuture and don't be afraid.
...of what is on your mind.

There in the emptiness deep inside.
You are the one that's been left behind.
So you paint with your mascara.
Don't look twice.

Lady Xanax where were you last night all the cracks in your makeup are startingto show don't think that you realize how far away you go now look into thefuture and don't be afraid.

Lady Xanax you're out tonight.
Lady Xanax you're oh so tired.
Lady Xanax sleep well tonight.
Lady Xanax, Xanax, Xanax.
Lady Xanax, Xanax, Xanax.
Lady Xanax, Xanax, Xanax.

© 2000 Duran Duran c/o Hollywood Records

About Vixen

Through your monitor she calls to you
A cyber vixen with seductive scroll
28.8 BPS, she sends electronic impulses
So sweet that they
Fill the room like wisteria

You pause....thinking of what to say
Impressing her can not be done
She knows your game too well

With a flick of the mouse and
A bat of her eyes
She is gone......
Bored with the scrolling text she knows as you
Her desire disappears as fast as her connection

Such is love in cyberspace

Image and Poem © copyright Vixen

Come On, I want Real Info!

Rock on Girls with CurlsWhy in G-d's name? Well, here you go. I'm a 20-something female who lives in a "backwards state." The same state of a philandering ex-president if you must know. It's not that bad though and I have survived so far.

I have a Bachelor's of Science and I'm working on more degrees. To quote Mike Nelson, "Stay in school. Stay in school as long as humanly possible. I'm talking High School. College is difficult and actually costs money."

In my spare time, I do a little site about my city. I also do work for animal realated charities. So, there you go. I'm boring! Why is my bio the other serious one? Come on guys.